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My 18th


Some would consider it self-indugent, even pretentious, that I should go as far as to display photos from my own birthday party for public interest purposes.

Anyway, "some" have never stopped me before, and aren't going to in the near future.

As far as I can judge (it being, of course, my own party) it was a good one. The first house party most had been to for a while, with good weather to top it all off. I'm going to stop blabbing now and stick up the photos.



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Derwin playing cool, Livi acting grumpy, and Ellie showing her one of her lovely legs for the camera.

113_1394.JPG (82743 bytes)

Isabel (Ed's current better half), Kerith with new haircut (more on that later) and the ebullient Laura S.

113_1395.JPG (46650 bytes)

Mitch and Lizzie (Is there a page on this website that doesn't feature these two?)

113_1396.JPG (58963 bytes)

Leedsy and John excited about alcohol

113_1397.JPG (58756 bytes)

Sal, Laura, and Mel

113_1399.JPG (62371 bytes)

Mel, Stew, Sal, Laura, and Davis

113_1400.JPG (51376 bytes)

Stew and Jase

114_1402.JPG (53427 bytes)

Stew and Jase again... except, a different Jason.

114_1404.JPG (44273 bytes)

Stew (who seems to be cropping up in a lot of photos so far, apologies for that) and Alastair

114_1405.JPG (52183 bytes)

Stew (holding the camera) and Tristan (still learning how to do this "smile" thing)

114_1406.JPG (62040 bytes)

Stew and Kim

114_1407.JPG (52829 bytes)

Leedsy and Cam manning, sorry, "staffing"  the bar (who knows when a fem-nazi will hunt me down)

114_1411.JPG (78423 bytes)

Nicko and Ellie in the garden.

114_1412.JPG (77117 bytes)

Davis, John and an unidentified individual in the garden.

114_1408.JPG (58579 bytes)

Kerith raunchy, individualistic, yet brilliant new haircut was a welcome addition to the party.

114_1413.JPG (60443 bytes)

This photo pisses me off, simply because it was the only photo i took that is in "portrait" not "landscape" mode, for the night, and hence looks out of place here. Oh well, at least it's in focus and Tristan has mastered smiling (but not waving, by the look of it)

The usual applies... any objections to these photos being online, email me.