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A.P.S. Swimming and Diving Finals & Head of the River 2003

These photos were taken by myself at each of these events. Well done to all those who represented the school, and well done to all those who went and supported the teams... that is what Scotch is all about. It was a great night/day for all those who attended, and even though not all events were victorious, all athletes learned greatly from their experiences and are better people for it.


If anyone has objections to any photos on this site, please feel free to email me at or simply see me at school. I do have more swimming photos about to go up, I just need approval from the people who are in them.

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Young-gun Alastair was upgraded to the U17 Freestyle...jee, he must have a good brother!!!! Hugh showing how hard he is concentrating on the swimming
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Haydo and Davis, and Gary dutifully fostering inter-school relations This photo is, of course, digitally edited, we were far too responsible to have a, god forbid, WAR cry at the swimming!
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Stu trying to look sensible... .clearly not working. Craig stretching Kastallen's Hamstring, we think.
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The seconds rowing to victory Slade jovial as always, while Kong is business as usual
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The 'official' photographer  James and his side kick Jones The official cheerleaders discussing matters of crowd safety
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The winning margin, 200 to go The firsts... honourable in defeat.. 2nd out of 11 schools.
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The crowd Quality food, Scotch Style.