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Scotch Formal 2002

Prefect's Netball Match

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Scotch Formal 2003

Choir Camp 2003

Class of 2003

Head of the River 2004


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Cade's 18th

Pre AMSA Ball

Med Trivia Night

Tej's 19th

My 18th Birthday Party

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Gold Coast 2003

Germany 2003

Europe and China 2001

Mount Martha



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The Olsen Twins

Christina Aguilera and Bjork


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Henry II

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Choir Camp 2003

On a fine winter day in May, the scotch choir were all sentenced to three days hard labour (and singing) at Castlemaine Jail. The inmates completed a combined rehearsal schedule amounting to over 14 hours, and songs were brought together in preperation for up coming concerts, as well as just singing for the hell of it..

On the last night, a well-meaning captain of music decided to hold a competition - seeing who could wear the most unfashionable clothing to dinner. Unfashionable soon became absolutely ridiculous, as show here....

If anyone has objections to any photos on this site, please feel free to email me at stewy6@hotmail.com or simply see me at school.


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Hayden displaying his criminally insane side Maybe Hayden should have spent a little longer in detention...
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A random Mitch photo to stoke that ego Nick displaying his admiration for Mackenzie buses
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South Park meets Mars Attacks Cross dressing seemed to be an integral part of the evening...
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Kastoras proving that you don't have to be Angelina Jolie to wear a D-cup Tim being.... well, Tim
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Haydo chilling between singing sessions Tim the jock...
5.jpg (32278 bytes) 6.jpg (44191 bytes)
.... and Tim the elf. Gurney indulging in some extra-curricular activities
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Dave and Ed, the morning after The winner of the nights competition...
9.jpg (89494 bytes) And, well, we all know how overused this word is, but well, this IS probably the most RANDOM a photo can get.