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Scotch Year 12 Formal 2003

The much anticipated and often controversial Year 12 Scotch Formal finally arrived, and ended up becoming a good night for all. Super-organisation from the prefects, afterparty witchhunts by school officials and an cameo by Sam Lawrence all added to the fun of the evening. I'll stop crapping on now... Enjoy the photos, there are plenty more to come!

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Haydo and Sally Stewy and Ellie
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The sly Dave and the lovely Kim Mitch and Sam travelling in style
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MitcMitch discussing politics with Lizzie Ellie, Steph, John, Kate and Davis enroute
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Sal sitting with all her friends Bronwyn, Stewy and Jaz
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Stewy and Steph Stewy and Laura
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Simmy showing how much he has changed since the last formal... Hayden and Sal queueing for photos
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John expressing his concern Kim being harrassed by James and Cam
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Munro and Simmy