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Gold Coast - September 2003

Frankly, we needed a break, and didn't have the time (thanks to a little thing called V.C.E) to embark on another overseas adventure. So, after the success of Six Flags last year, we decided to try Australia's themeparks for size.

Stewy's Themepark Info Site will be launched soon, but until then, listen to the Morrison Verdict on these theme parks:

Seaworld: Really good if marketed as an aquarium. Rubbish if marketed at a themepark. Don't bother going there for rides, but the animal shows are fantastic.

Movie World: The Best of the lot, in my opinion. Again the coasters are nothing special, but are at least original. Lethal Weapon is probably the most exciting coaster in Australia. Don't miss the Police Stunt Show or the endless movie exhibits.

Dreamworld: Dissapointing. Make sure you find out what rides are closed before buying tickets. The two big ones are fun, but they are notorious for false advertising and fake claims when it comes to world records. Have fun, take the kids, but don't expect Disneyland.

And now, the photos...

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The view from the Hotel... Not bad? Stew in holiday mode
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The Flume Ride at Seaworld: relatively tame. Hollywood on the Gold Coast
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The endless fascination of cattle-grids
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Stew, Al and Fi on the Giant Drop after having... "dropped giantly"? A lion. No, no wait! A leopard... Oh that's not right either. At Dreamworld, at any rate.
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Fiona managed to find a King Parrot, whilst the rest of us dawdled around with Crimson Rosellas Fi's 5 seconds on fame in the Big Brother House.
9.jpg (70129 bytes) 8.jpg (43214 bytes)
Finally, Stew has a friend of his own intelligence level The Birdman of AL-catraz.
5.jpg (35818 bytes) 6.jpg (38284 bytes)
Tower of Terror: Lame and Tame, but you have to give them points for trying. give me Superman: The Escape any day. The Sidewinder loop on Cyclone
12.jpg (84987 bytes) The dophins at Seaworld.