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Let's start by saying that no self-respective critic would ever review just the first half of a film - and that is essentially what Reloaded is: It is the first half of the sequel and finale to The Matrix.

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It is for this very reason that the film seems to open more questions than it answers: The question "What is the Matrix?" that was so cleverly answered in the first film is now taken to a whole new level, and we start to unravel a lot more than was previously revealed.

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The acting is exceptional from Reeves, Fishburne, Pearce and Moss, and overall the acting is above average considering the usual in action sci-fi films. While the first film gave us characters that were still finding themselves and working out there roles, now the actors are able to explore their characters at a far more subtle level. I do hold some criticism for the scripting of the relationship between Neo and Trinity, which seems not only impromptu and forced, but also creates a massive pacing problem within the first act of the film. The dance party that takes place on Zion does simply does not fit and stagnates viewer interest. Viewers want to find out, what to know what is happening, if they wanted to see a music video they would have watched MTV.

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The action sequences once again redefine what action means. I was originally concerned about the integrity and originality of the action scenes, since Neo seemed "indestructible" at the end of the first film and we had seen this kind of thing before. However, rest assured that there are plenty more surprises in store - the car chase, at seventeen minutes, rewrites the ultimate action chase, and the stunning fighting is matched only by the editors ability to force the viewer to see REAL characters fighting - not just computer generated bodies.

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As with most sequels, there is often doubt as to whether the subject matter in the sequel actually underpinned the original film, or the new sequel simply added new ideas and tried to assimilate them. This has always been done with varying degrees of sucess - It is a tragedy when a sequel ruins a good film by trying to read to deeply into the original matter.

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However, if this has happened here, It is not visible - making this film just as stunning and original as the first. I can't wait until November - And by creating an ending like that, I am sure the box office bean counters can't wait either

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