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Germany 2003


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My 18th Birthday Party

Head of the River 2004

Christina Aguilera and Bjork



Scotch Formal 03


Class of 2003

Choir Camp 2003

A.P.S. Swimming & Rowing

The Olsen Twins

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Henry II

The Black Rhinoceros

The Atomic Bomb


Tejinda's 19th Birthday

A great night was had by all... well, at least those who can remember it thought it was great. If you want an unflattering photo removed, email me, if you want to bitch about the crap layout of this website, build your own fucking website that's better. Go on. I dare you.



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How NOT to focus a digital camera Osama looks stoned
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Jules: "Is that a camera? Why is it flashing?" Hmm... Someone must have taken my camera onto the street
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Tej struggling to contain her excitement Sumudu, Tej, Lana and a classy plastic cup
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Tej and some weird who looks a bit like Dan Finally! A photo in focus
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Hannah and Stewy Love is in the air
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Random atmosphere shots, showing why I should refrain from taking random atmosphere shots Zombie-eyes.